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How to Buy a Berkey in California or Iowa

the travel berkey

Where to Buy Berkey Water Filter in California or Iowa     Get Berkey Water Filters Wherever You Live! Berkey Water Filters are the best portable water filters you can buy! If you happen to live in California or Iowa, you will not be able to purchase directly from the manufacturer because of “red tape” in those states. I live in California myself and had to get mine shipped to an out of state friend and then forwarded to me. It seems anything that can stop you from being …

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Berkey Water Filter Review

berkey water filter review

Berkey Water Filter Review     Berkey Water Filter System What is the Berkey Water Filter System? You are about to discover why Berkey is the leader in Portable Water Purification Systems in a nutshell. The Berkey Water Filter Review gives you an overview of Berkey’s capacities, benefits and best uses. You will understand why international organizations rely upon Berkey Water Filters for emergency water purification, crisis water contamination and in natural disaster situations. …

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Is Drinking Tap Water Safe?

what is in my tap water

… are a big waste of time and money if you ask me. Then don’t do the job of a water filter. My favorite by a long shot is the Berkey Water Filter System for many reasons!     Berkey Water Filters Why Berkey Water Filters? When your see your Berkey Water Filter (really a water purifier, because it doesn’t just filter, it purifies it to a very high degree), you will easily understand how good they are! They not only look like the best filter by a longshot, they are the best. They …

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