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How to Buy a Berkey in California or Iowa

the travel berkey

Where to Buy Berkey Water Filter in California or Iowa     Get Berkey Water Filters Wherever You Live! Berkey Water Filters are the best portable water filters you can buy! If you happen to live in California or Iowa, you will not be able to purchase directly from the manufacturer because of “red tape” in those states. I live in California myself and had to get mine shipped to an out of state friend and then forwarded to me. It seems anything that can stop you from being poisoned naturally is made hard to purchase in California, and Iowa now too.   It’s not just Berkey Water Filter Units either. Natural Zeolite Powder also can’t be directly shipped to California. It just happens to be a natural mineral that gets rid of heavy metals, viruses and cancers. I wonder if it is because it is the only portable water filter that gets rid of toxic fluoride (added to our tap water, they really want us to drink it I suppose.) Gee, I wonder why…     However there are ways to keep your family safe and make your own choices for your own health and besides having it shipped to an out of town friend or relative, I discovered you can get them indirectly from other reputable online sources, like Wallyworld (you can even …

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