Crown Berkey

Crown Berkey

Berkey water filters were the best portable water filters until the Boroux Water Filters came out! Boroux is the new Berkey as the Berkey's are now outdated are no longer being made. Boroux Water Filters are so powerful they are actually a lot more than just a filter. They are water purifiers because of the level of water purification that is achieved by using the Boroux Legacy Water Filters. They take the same black Berkey and Fluoride Filters, although the Boroux Foundation Black Filters are even better! You can still find some old Berkey's at Wallyworld but I recommend going with the new Boroux Filters now.

The crown Berkey is not only a water filter but a high end water purifier! Berkey systems does this with portable water filters that use gravity and a series of advanced filters to get all the sediment, microbes, chemicals and even fluoride out with a very easy to use water filtration system. You simply place the water from any source (outdoor, tap water, garden hose, river, stream, even bottled water) in the top compartment.

crown berkey water filter

Crown Berkey Water Filtration System

The Crown Berkey Water Filtration System is the granddaddy of all Berkey's. It is an all stainless steel Berkey Filter and gravity type portable water filter system. Gravity allows the water to pass through the advanced microfiltration system and become transformed into clean and pure drinking water, that not only tastes great but is healthy! This Crown Berkey review will show you why it is the best Best Gravity Water Filters hands down.


Crown Berkey Filters Out the Following:

  • Heavy Metals
  • Chlorine
  • Bacteria, Viruses, Pathogens, Microbes
  • Particles of all sizes
  • VOC’s (pesticides, herbicides, glyphosates, etc)
  • Fluoride (with Berkey Fluoride Filter)


The Crown Berkey Water Filter and Purifier is a 3 stage water filtration system. The first stage (outer ceramic layer) removes particles, as well as bacteria, spores, cysts and other waterborne pathogens out of your drinking water. The second stage is a water sterilization filter, which uses colloidal silver (which gets rid of bacteria growth, viruses, and other nasty parasites. The third stage is a Granular Activated Carbon filter, which gets rid of chlorine gas odor, organic chemicals (VOC's) and improves the taste of your drinking water.

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Which Berkey Water Filter is Best?

So Which Berkey Water Filter is Best? They are all made with the same quality and build, with the exception of the Berkey Light Water Filter which is made of non-BPA and contaminant free plastic. If you want the biggest Berkey, then the Crown Berkey is exactly what you've been looking for. The Go Berkey is the smallest but they all have the same high quality filtration and durability. They are water purifiers not just water filters. Unlike reverse osmosis systems (unless they have special filters added) that leave the water acidic. It is the best water filter that is portable yet powerful enough for camping or to filter out tap water toxins.


The Berkey Water Filters keep or add healthy minerals back into the drinking water. This is necessary to keep the water in a natural healthy pH level, slightly alkaline. Drinking acidic waters will weaken your bone structure as it will balance the water pH by taking the minerals like magnesium and calcium from your bones and connective tissues. Having a neutral or alkaline pH actually helps prevent osteoporosis and makes the water taste great.


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Crown Berkey Water Filter

The Crown Berkey Water Filter is the crown jewel of Berkeys line of gravity water filters. It has the largest capacity, and can be used for large gatherings where you want to serve great tasting purified water to your family, guests and loved ones. It is used in hospitals, churches and orphanages to meet the needs for highly purified and safe drinking water. Here are the Crown Berkey Specs:

Here are the specs of the Crown Berkey:

  • Holds 6 Gallons of Purified Water
  • Weighs 12 pounds when empty
  • Size is 11″ in Diameter and 31″ in Height
  • Produces 6.5 Gallons of Purified Drinking Water per hour with installed filters
  • Produces 26 Gallons of Purified Drinking Water per hour with max filters installed

It not only looks amazing, it performs amazing too! It is being used for survival situations right now, like people affected by hurricane's, and other natural disasters to allow access to clean drinking water for large groups of people. Many emergency organizations are using the Crown Berkey exactly for that purpose. 


The Crown Berkey Water Filtration System is made to last for the long haul, and will last decades, if not a lifetime. It is made with BPA free parts, housed in a sturdy and beautiful polished stainless steel unit. People who have or have used these will tell you how good they are. To date, I have only received positive comments on how they love their Berkey Filter and how they still are using it today.  That speaks volumes in itself. 

crown berkey review

berkey crown testimonial

berkey crown testimonials

Buy a Crown Berkey Water Filter 

Click on the following link or More Information button below to Get your own Crown Berkey Water Filter today at the best price. You will be prepared for anything that man, woman or nature can send your way. Access to clean and pure drinking water is not always a given in our world, but it can be for you with a Berkey! 

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