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Berkey Fluoride Filter Review

  Berkey Fluoride Filter Review Does Berkey Remove Fluoride? They sure do! Berkey Fluoride Filter Review shows you how the big Berkey fluoride filters remove toxic Sodium Fluoride from your drinking water. They fit all stainless steel Berkey Water Filtration Systems. Fluoride is one of the hardest toxins to remove from drinking water after it has been added and that’s why so few water filters can actually do it.   Berkey is the leader in portable water filters that can do just that- remove the fluoride from your water! It safely and quickly removes fluoride from tap water, bottled water or any other water source. That’s exactly why I have my own Big Berkey Water Filter with the fluoride filters. You and your family’s health is too important to be left to chance. Is Fluoride really that harmful to your health? Is Fluoride safe?     Is Fluoride a Poison? Is Fluoride a Poison? Sodium Fluoride is the kind of fluoride ADDED into your tap water, bottled water and toothpaste that wasn’t there naturally. Is it good or bad for your health? Sodium Fluoride has been promoted by the ADA (American Dental Association) as necessary to prevent tooth decay. Sodium Fluoride in water is Bad. Is there any evidence to show that sodium fluoride (the kind that is PUT into your drinking water, even bottled, and …

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