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Berkey Sport Water Bottle

  Berkey Sport Water Bottle Berkey Sport Bottle Review shows you all the benefits and uses of having your own Sport Berkey water bottle filter. It is an easy to carry with you advanced water filter and portable water purifier. A must have for when you’re out traveling, day tripping or exploring the great outdoors. It can purify water from rivers, streams, lakes and even stagnant ponds. You can use it in an emergency when in a foreign land and don’t want to get sick and spoil your vacation. It can even purify the nasties out of tap water!   The Sport Berkey is the smallest sized Berkey portable water purifier in the entire Berkey Water Filter line of water purifiers. It completely purifies 22 ounces of questionable outdoor water into highly purified clean drinking water at a time  It is small, light and built for travel so take it in your backpack, day pack, gym bag or in your vehicle so you can always have clean safe drinking water anywhere you may be.       Berkey Sport Bottle The Berkey Sport Bottle and Purifier uses an internal filter unit with an attached straw through which the water you drink is purified as you drink. It is remarkably good for a simple water bottle filter. Here is the amount of water the Sport Berkey can …

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