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Berkey Light Water Filter Review

  Berkey Light Water Filter Review The Berkey Filter System is a complete water purification technology that gives you the highest quality water from almost any outdoor water source. The Berkey Light Water Filter Review introduces you to the lightest model of Berkeys filters. The Berkey Filter line are called Gravity Water Filters, because they use a top compartment where you pour in the water you need purified, it will then use gravity to allow the water to naturally flow through a very good microfiltration system.   The Berkey® filter then stores the highly purified water in the bottom compartment as great tasting drinking water. Just place your cup or container under the spout and you will have the best drinking water. It is commonly referred to as the Big Berkey Light Water Filter because it is the same size as a Big Berkey Water Filter but made of lightweight but durable chemical and BPA free materials made for water storage. It completely purifies 2.5 gallons at a time, and you can instantly taste the difference between your water and that from other sources (including bolted water.) Berkey is simply much better at filtration than any other portable water filter system.      Berkey Light Water Filter The Berkey Light Water Filter and Purifier uses a three stage gravity water purification system to make your water …

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