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Berkey Shower Filter Review

  Berkey Shower Filter Review The Berkey Shower Filter Review. Most people who use a Berkey Water Filter know how good they are at getting rid of things in your water that have a negative impact on your health. We sometimes forget that we absorb through our skin the same things that we do by eating or drinking. Things like bacteria, amoeba, mold spores, fungii, and other added contaminants like chlorine dioxide.    A high quality Berkey Shower Filter can stop these things from getting into your body and causing damage. They are easy to install and will protect you and your family from toxic chemicals and pathogens for a long time. It is very important to get a chlorine removing shower filter like the Berkey, before the chlorine become vaporized by steam into harmful chlorine gas.     Chlroine Gas Effects Chlorine Gas Effects on your health are numerous. Chlorine, also known as chlorine dioxide is a toxin and carcinogen (cancer causing substance) that has many health risks associated with it. And it turns out that chlorine that is put into our tap water to disinfect it, becomes 6 times more harmful when vaporized in your shower.   It changes from chlorine into chlorine gas (also chloroform gas) while you are showering and trying to feel clean and energized. Instead we are zapping ourselves …

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