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Royal Berkey Water Filter Review

  Royal Berkey Water Filter Review Berkey Filter Units are by far the best gravity water filters you can own, period! They are so much more than just water filters. They are so good at filtering outdoor water types that they are really water purifiers. That’s a big part of the reason why I recommend the Berkey Water Filter line of purifiers as the best of the best portable and gravity water filters. The Royal Berkey Water Filter Review shows you why it is the best gravity water purifier for your home or office. It is slightly larger than the Big Berkey when you need to purify 8 gallons.    They are known as Portable Gravity Filters because they use gravity to gently filter the unpurified water into highly purified and great tasting drinking water. to making clean purified water out of almost any outdoor water source. The Royal Berkey® Water Filter is a great mid-sized water purifier. It purifies 3 gallons at a time, and you instantly drink the pure clean water that has just been purified by just lifting on the water spout for continuous water, or pushing on the spout for filling a cup or container. It is really that easy.       Royal Berkey Water Filter The Royal Berkey Water Filter and Purifier uses a 3 stage gravity water purification system. Stage 1 (the outer ceramic filter) prevents harmful particles, and …

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