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Travel Berkey Water Filter Review

  Travel Berkey Water Filter Review The Travel Berkey Water Filter Review. Berkey water filters are natural Gravity Water Filters because they use a top chamber where you pour in the water you need to purify, it then passes through a very good microfiltration system, and stores the highly purified drinking water in the bottom chamber. It is the simplest yet most powerful portable water filter system in the world. You simply lift our press the spout to enjoy the best tasting drinking water ever.     The Travel Berkey Water Filter is smallest sized water purifier stainless steel water purifier in the Berkey line. It completely purifies 1.5 gallons at a time, and you can instantly drink the pure clean water at any time.  It is small but sturdy and is the best portable water filter you can get. It is not only a water filter but a water purifier because of the amount of harmful stuff it gets out of your water. It is built not only to look beautiful but last a very long time.        Travel Berkey Filter The Travel Berkey Filter uses top of the line filter elements and a highly polished stainless steel exterior with all BPA free parts. And it works just as good as it looks. Berkey Filters are the best portable water filter systems you …

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Berkey Water Filter Review

  Berkey Water Filter Review Welcome to the Berkey Water Filter Review. You are about to discover why Berkey is the leader in Portable Water Purification Systems. These Berkey Water Filter Reviews give you an overview of Berkey’s filters sizes, capacities, types of filters used, benefits and best uses. You will understand why international organizations rely upon Berkey Water Filters for emergency water purification, crisis water contamination and in natural disaster situations.   Berkey Water Filters are not only the best looking water filter you will find, they are also among the most powerful of water filters as well. They are built as solid as they loo, with premium stainless steel on the exterior, and a filtering system that rivals home installed units. They are powerful enough to remove pathogens like harmful viruses (99.999%), bacteria (99.9999%), Chloramine (below detectable levels), trihalomethanes (99.8%), pharmaceuticals (99.9%), pesticides (below detectable levels),heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic and even toxic fluoride with the PF2 Fluoride Filter!      Berkey Water Filter System How owning a Berkey Water Filter System can be one of the best and longest lasting health benefits you can get for yourself and your family. Berkey Filters out parasites, bacteria, pathogens, viruses and harmful chemicals that end up in your home’s tap water system. It also leaves in the natural minerals in your water that make your it …

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